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DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner 7 is the latest generation of the full-featured DVD copy software. It provides you easy-to-use backup tools and state-of-the-art technology that let you make quality DVD/Blu-ray copies.

This easy-to-use yet powerful burning software, gives you the freedom to make perfect 1:1 DVD copies, movie only copies and customized copies, whatever you want. The software entigrates ERT™ technology to ensure the highest level of success copying latest DVD/Blu-ray movies.

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Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy

  • In accordance with the leading quality in DVD burning software industry, DVD-Cloner VII is more powerful and reliable.
  • State-of-the-art transcoding technology ensures a better picture quality
  • Supports the backup of ISO, NRG files
  • Copies and burns CSS-encrypted, Region-protected and Sony ARCCOS protected DVD movies
  • Express and Expert interfaces: Express interface is the one-click solution to make DVD copy, while Expert interface is more professional to make customized DVD copy.

Customized Copy

  • Intelligent Identification Tech - intuitively recognizes the disc's format and automatically provides the appropriate copy modes and copy options
  • Burns two DVD movies (DVD-5 or DVD-9) onto one DVD+-R/RW DL with customized copy menu
  • With "Split DVD-9 to two DVD-5s" copy mode, the movie title and menu of source DVD will be copied to the second DVD
  • DVD-5 to DVD-9 copy
  • Improved the chapter copy function - great for episodic DVD copy
  • Exact DVD-5 to DVD-5 copy
  • Exact DVD-9 to DVD-9 copy
  • Movie only copy - copies and burns the main title only with the extras omitted
  • Batch copy enables you to define the number of discs you would like to burn.
  • Makes home DVDs/TV series/TV shows
  • Manually adjusts the compression rate from 10% to 100% during the burning process - save your valuable disc space
  • Rips and Burns DVD movies on hard disk to DVD+-R/RWs.

ERT ™ - copy latest DVD movies

  • Innovative ERT DVD reading technology, supports the copy of latest DVD movies

Supports the backup of latest Blu-ray movies

  • With a third party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper, you can backup Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies to your hard drive and watch them with Cyberlink PowerDVD or WinDVD as you like! (Please note that it is not published by OpenCloner Inc. OpenCloner Inc. can not guarantee its legality and reliability.)

Other features

  • Cool and smart interfaces - the intuitive and wizard-style interface provides easy,guided steps for DVD burning.
  • Automatically selects the reader and burner after the source DVD is put into the driver
  • Verifies data after the backup completes
  • Previews the picture effect with compressed copy
  • Works with most DVD player hardware and software
  • 50% faster burning speed
  • Supports the rename of the volume
  • Saves/Deletes the temporary files
  • Easily track the copy process through the progress bar
  • Shuts down system when the copy completes
  • Multiple languages supported.
  • Opens log files with a shout-cut key
  • Previews the main movie, extras and menus.
  • Free software updates for a year.
  • Free online technical support

System requirements:

  • Pentium-II 450 MHz or faster processor
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 5GB free hard disc space for DVD-5 (10GB free hard disc space for DVD-9)
  • DVD burners
  • Windows 7,Vista,XP, 2000

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